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We are located on the 3rd floor of the Landing at Hudson Mill, inside Out of Office Co-working.

There are three parking lots for the building. The back parking lot (accessed via Houghton Ct) is a little further away and will require a short walk up and down a flight of stairs to access the building.


There are two entrances to the building. If you enter from the front/main entrance, marked Building B-elevator entrance, the elevator is immediately on your left. Do not go in through door marked Building C-Stairwell. If entering from the back of the building, follow the hallway signs to the elevator. We are on the 3rd floor, take a right off the elevator and follow the signs to Out of Office Suite C300.  Ring the doorbell and we will buzz you in!



Handstand and Inversion Workshop

Sunday @ 2:00 PM


Ready to flip the script on inversions? Join Kelly Mayes in this special workshop to learn to conquer your fear, deepen your awareness, find your alignment and build your strength, so you too can go upside down! Explore the beautiful balance between challenge, strength and focus, and use the aerial yoga silk to guide and support you as you try different inversions, including handstands, headstands, forearm balances, and other positions where the head is lower than the heart. Aerial Yoga Essentials, some yoga experience and a willingness to go upside down are prerequisites for this workshop. 1.5 hours

Early Bird before Jan 16: $30

After Jan 16: $35

Art & Aerial: Abstract Watercolor & Yoga

Saturday @ 3:00 PM


The Breath As Evidence: Aerial Yoga and Watercolor Painting. Explore the intersection of flowing breath, gentle movement, and the aqueous nature of watercolor in this workshop that connects aerial yoga and abstract painting. After a playful light hearted sequence in the aerial silks, energy in the sacral chakra will serve as a guide for experimentation to create watercolor paintings using unconventional materials such as shells, feathers, stones, salt, and flowers. No prior yoga or art experience necessary! All materials are provided for use in class. You will leave with an original piece of art to take home and enjoy! 1.5 hours


Early Bird before Jan 30: $40

After Jan 30: $45

Head Over Heels: Valentine's Day Partner Aerial Yoga

Sunday @ 2:00 PM


Looking for a unique way to connect deeply with your partner this Valentine’s Day? Explore love through breath, movement, connection, and a variety of partner yoga and aerial yoga poses in this relationship-inspired hybrid slow flow class. Join Kelly Mayes to open up your heart and find a deep-rooted sense of connection with your partner. Kelly will be offering hands on assists and Reiki massage throughout this magical class. No yoga or aerial yoga experience necessary. $25 per person for 1 hour 15 minute class

Inner Peace: Floating Meditation

Friday @ 7:00 PM


Nurture your physical body and slow down your pacing mind in this one-hour floating meditation event. Allow yourself to rest in suspended stillness inside a comfy aerial yoga hammock, as you surrender to the guided meditation that will bring you into your body, help to unwind your mind, and offer you an opportunity to be present with your most authentic self. By creating and giving yourself the time and space to relax in the present, ease, openness, and clarity will follow. Your experience will be unique and determined by your current conscious or subconscious needs. You will leave feeling incredibly rested, revitalized and relaxed. No previous yoga or meditation experience required. 1 hour class

Early Bird before Feb 18: $25

After Feb 18: $30

Aerial Yoga Date Night

Friday @ 7 PM


Tired of dinner and a movie? Looking to spend quality time with your significant other doing something totally different? Join Stephanie for a fun-filled evening exploring the basics of aerial yoga with your partner. No previous experience required to stretch and strengthen together.

$50 per couple for 1 hour 15 minute class. Each participant must register separately via MindBody.

High Flyers Club

Friday @ 7 PM


Want to take your aerial yoga practice to the next level? Join Katharine in this intermediate aerial yoga workshop and start taking steps towards mastering more challenging aerial yoga poses. Flow through a carefully-crafted warm-up and prepare your body to tackle these strength-based poses. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions and modifications to take flight! Prerequisite: at least 5 aerial yoga classes. 1.5 hours


Early Bird before Mar 17: $30

After Mar 17: $35

Aerial Yoga Ladies' Night Out

Friday @ 7 PM


Looking for something exciting and different to do with your girlfriends? Bring your crew and prepare for a high time as we guide you through an Aerial Yoga Ladies Night Out! This class is a chance for curious and adventurous women to get together for a fun-filled evening and explore the basics of aerial yoga. We will introduce you and your friends to flying down dog, flying Buddha, ways to get in and out of the hammock, simple inversions, and so much more. This is event is accessible to women of all ages and all fitness levels, and is meant to inspire and empower them to connect with their inner strength and vitality. A background in aerial yoga is not required. $25 per person for 1 hour 15 minute class.

Aerial Yoga Sound Bath Meditation

Sunday @ 5:00 PM


Enjoy this slow, restorative aerial yoga practice augmented by the vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Allow the soothing sounds to lull you into a truly meditative state, where the mind and body can work together in perfect harmony to release muscle tension and find inner peace. Arrive at a place of serenity by absorbing the beautiful tones while surrendering to the support of the aerial silk. Our physical bodies are the perfect sound receptors and crystal singing bowls are the ideal vibrational transmitters that can lower heart and respiratory rates, slow down brain-wave patterns, and resolve imbalances on every psychological & physiological level. Join Char Willingham for a guided and nurturing crystal singing bowl meditation that can inspire huge shifts in consciousness, evoke true transformation, and achieve clarity, revitalization, greater connectedness with your highest energetic potential and improved mental and physical health. $25 per person for 1 hour 30 minute class.

Art & Aerial: Clay Sculpture & Yoga

Saturday @ 3 PM


Are you curious about exploring the relationship between Earth and Asana? Join us for a vibrant exploration of movement, creativity, and community as we practice aerial yoga together, and then make terra cotta ceramic sculptures with the option to embed wildflower seeds into the clay! The backbone of this workshop is grounded in the chakra system with an emphasis placed on the root chakra's earth connection, the sacral chakra's water energy which is the seat of creativity, and the third eye chakra which houses the imagination. After an hour of asana, the creative juices will be flowing and your hands will be ready to dive into the clay letting you tap into the deep pools of creativity that are part of your energetic DNA. The sculptures will air dry and harden over time, unless you decide to place them outside and let the seeds grow! The workshop price includes clay and wildflower seeds. No prior yoga or art experience is required. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to link your body, breath, and creativity together in a fun, light-hearted way!!! 1.5 hours

Early Bird before May 6: $40

After May 6: $45