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43 Broad Street, Suite B307

Hudson, MA 01749


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We are located on the 3rd floor of the Landing at Hudson Mills.

There are three parking lots for the building. The back parking lot (accessed via Houghton Ct) is a little further away and will require a short walk up and down a flight of stairs to access the building.


There are two entrances to the building. If you enter from the front/main entrance, marked Building B-elevator entrance, the elevator is immediately on your left. Do not go in through the door marked Building C-Stairwell. If entering from the back of the building, follow the hallway signs to the elevator. We are on the 3rd floor, directly to the left of the elevator. See you there!


Class Schedule

Studio classes are temporarily cancelled. Check out our free online classes!
Aerial Yoga Essentials - Mini Class


with Katy Shander-Reynolds


Learn the fundamental skills required to establish a safe and balanced aerial yoga practice at home. Let Katy guide you through a series of standing and seated postures, as well as some simple inversions, ending in a relaxing savasana.

NOTE: Access to an aerial yoga silk required for this class.

Midday Yoga Flow


with Kelly Mayes


Take a midday refresher with Kelly. Flow through a carefully crafted series of yoga poses that will allow your body to move and mind to reset so you can have a more energized and productive afternoon. No previous yoga experience required. All levels welcome.

Aerial Yoga Transitions - Mini Tutorial


with Katharine Scalora


Lucky enough to have a silk at home and looking to expand your aerial yoga repertoire? Give these fun little transitions a try! Move from inverted to upright Baddha Konasana (Monkey to Flying Buddha in aerial yoga lingo), without touching the floor; use the silk as support to transition from Flying Dog to a Handstand Preparation; or try any of Katharine's other mini tutorials. 
NOTE: Access to an aerial yoga silk required for this tutorial.

Slow & Strong Morning Flow


with Vickie Lorenzi


Get moving, get centered and get on with your day. Join Vickie for this slow morning yoga flow, full of familiar strengthening and balancing poses, followed by supportive and restorative poses that will help awaken your body, clear your mind and prepare you for the day's tasks ahead. No previous yoga experience required. All levels are welcome.

Earth OR Aerial Yoga


with Katharine Scalora


Missing aerial yoga, but don't have a silk at home? Have a silk at home and need some structured class time? Check out Katharine's hybrid flow class, which will take you through a variety of poses that can be modified for the silk or the mat. Explore, strengthen and restore, with or without the silk and end class with a well deserved rest. No previous aerial yoga experience required. All levels welcome.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga


with Lora Markova


Shed the stress and worries of your week and spend a moment recharging your mental and physical batteries. Join us for an online Candlelight Restorative session with Lora Markova. Set up your mat, blanket, bolster and blocks, or any other makeshift props you can find around the house, and get ready to rest and reset.