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Are you an aerial yoga or Lyra instructor? We are always looking for talented teachers to join our amazing team!
If you are interested in applying, send us a message at info@earthandaerialyoga.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


Katharine Scalora

Aerial Yoga All Levels, Aerial Yoga Deconstructed, Functional Aerial Yoga Flow, Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Katharine began her yoga journey in 1999. She is a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and has over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. She loves teaching both mat and aerial yoga classes, and her passion about the benefits of both grows as her knowledge deepens with ongoing study of new ideas and research. Katharine’s mat classes are typically a slower flow, as it allows time to move mindfully from a place of steady strength, to focus on sensation, and to refine alignment, all with a sense of curiosity and lightheartedness. Her aerial classes are playful and exploratory. She will encourage you to take some risks and see your practice expand in ways you might not anticipate. Katharine’s teaching style has been influenced by studying yoga biomechanics with Jules Mitchell and apprenticing with Jacqui Bonwell.


Lora Markova

Aerial Yoga Essentials; UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Restorative Aerial Yoga - Meditation on Motherhood; Yoga In The Garden @ Nan's Market

Lora has been practicing yoga around the world for over 20 years. Having personally enjoyed its tremendous physical and psychological benefits, she loves to help others experience them, too. She has been a Yoga Alliance registered teacher since 2012 and has more than 1,000 teaching hours under her belt. Lora focuses on using deep, full breaths to gently flow through a sequence of poses, carefully designed to stretch, strengthen, and open different areas of the body. While her classes are slow and strong, Lora always gives her students a range of options, so they can move at their own flexibility and ability levels. She uses subtle, hands-on adjustments to both deepen and improve the student’s practice. Lora’s classes will help you increase your physical and emotional awareness and walk away feeling reenergized, rejuvenated, reconnected, and refocused.


Erik Bang

Lyra Essentials, Lyra Deconstructed, Lyra Flow; UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: High Flyers Club

Erik’s yoga journey began in 2009, during college, as a means to stay physically active and maintain mental clarity. After discovering aerial yoga, he immediately enrolled in a teacher training program and, upon its completion, began his career as an instructor. He continued to develop and expand his skillset by joining the world of circus arts, where he worked with various aerial apparatuses and specialized in using the aerial hoop. Now, many years and hours of training later, he continues to share the joy of being in the air with his students. His teaching focuses on bringing awareness to individual movements, both on the earth and in the air, and developing a stronger understanding of one’s unique kinesthetic and self-expression needs.


Stephanie Coutant-Matsen

Tween & Teen Aerial Yoga, Flow & Restore Aerial Yoga, Aerial Yoga Free Your Hips; UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Mother & Child Aerial Yoga

Stephanie has worked in the healthcare, fitness and dance industries for 30+ years and holds a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. She first experienced yoga in 1999, and found it to be the natural next step on her path, marrying the health of the body, mind and soul, and addressing the well-being of the whole individual. Since then, she has studied a wide variety of yoga modalities, systems and traditions, receiving her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from the school of Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2006. Stephanie is a longtime member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and holds certificates in ChildLight Yoga, Unnata Aerial Yoga, Yoga 4 Classrooms, Eat, Breathe, Thrive Yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the Center for Mindfulness and UMASS Medical Center. Before moving to Massachusetts in 2008, Stephanie was the sole proprietor of “YogaSpace” in central Ohio, where she offered group classes and private sessions in a physical therapy and rehabilitation setting. She enjoys working with groups and individuals, as well as diverse and specialty populations. She believes wholeheartedly in meeting students where they are in their practice and helping them to learn and bring personal and practical applications of yoga to daily life, on and off the mat.

earth-and-aerial-yoga-teacher-hudson-ma-sharon-prybila crop

Sharon Prybyla

Aerial Yoga All Levels

Sharon fell in love with the practice of yoga, after discovering the positive physical and mental benefits it brought to her life. In 2016, Sharon completed her 200-hour RYT teacher certification through New School of Yogic Arts and immediately began working with students. Her desire to work with people on a deeper level and her love of aerial yoga led her to complete a 60-hour Aerial Yoga certification through Elements3 Yoga in 2017. That same year, Sharon—an avid paddle boarder—also completed a 40-hour certification through Stoked Yogi to teach Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.

Sharon is passionate about encouraging people to respect and take care of their bodies. Her classes are alive with energy and encouragement for every practitioner. Sharon strongly believes yoga should be accessible to everyone, and she tailors her classes for both the beginner and advanced student.


Keri Straka

Aerial Yoga All Levels

Coming from a background in sculpture, with a Master of Fine Art in ceramics, Keri has been teaching yoga in the Greater Boston area since 2015. As an avid yogi and an enthusiastic life-long learner, Keri completed both her 200-hour yoga teacher training and her 500-hour certifications with Jacqui Bonwell. In addition, she is a certified Radiant Child Yoga Teacher (Level I&II), a Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, level II Reiki Healer, and Aerial Yoga instructor. Keri specializes in teaching all levels of vinyasa and aerial yoga classes that are centered on cultivating healthy and safe functional movement. With this foundation, practitioners in her classes create an awareness of how to shift stagnant patterns to create deeper physical harmony. Keri is motivated by curiosity, creativity and compassion for the individual human experience. Her classes are playful, lighthearted and accessible to all.

earth-and-aerial-yoga-studio-hudson-ma-teacher-nicole-cruz22 copy

Nicole Cruz

Aerial Yoga All Levels

Nicole has always lived an active life, and she never learned how to slow down until she found Earth & Aerial Yoga. Whether it was hiking the Adirondacks back home in NY, wrestling in a performance troop while completing her doctorate in pharmacy in Boston, or gaining new heights and learning new tricks with aerial silks, Nicole found it nearly impossible to be still and present. She dabbled on and off with mat yoga and meditation, but struggled to find the benefit in softer movements. Then, in the summer of 2019, she found EAY and that all changed. With the help of aerial yoga, she found an appreciation for the yin to match her habitual yang. Bringing an effervescent personality and upbeat attitude, she hopes to share this joyful balance of movements, while helping her students reach new heights.


Corinne Boet-Whitaker

Aerial Yoga Release Your Spine, Aerial Yoga Essentials; UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Roll with the Flow

Corinne’s somatic journey began with childhood ballet classes and has brought her to the present day, practicing massage therapy and teaching aerial yoga. Through the many shifts of her life, yoga practice has been a constant. She became certified to teach Kundalini Yoga in 2014 and Aerial Yoga in 2020. She continues to explore the body and tools for healing in her study of myofascial release with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains and Jill Miller’s Roll Model Method. Corinne draws on her experience as a licensed massage therapist to guide students into their embodied practice of aerial yoga. Her classes activate and mobilize the body, release tension from musculature and connective tissue, and find meditation through movement and sensation.


Victoria Lorenzi

Aerial Yoga Essentials

Victoria’s yoga journey started in 2010, when she enrolled in a teen yoga class with a friend. She had participated in many sports and other forms of exercise, but the grounding quality, the quiet confidence and the community, rather than competitiveness, of this new practice are what made her continue on through high school and into college. While attending Keene State College’s art program, Victoria discovered that Sadhana Yoga School was just a short walk from her campus. So, during her junior year, she enrolled in the school’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program, and by her senior year, she was already teaching regular yoga classes. Since then, she has taken a variety of yoga trainings to broaden her scope. While pregnant, in 2018, she also completed a Reiki Level 1 certification and taught yoga classes up until the day her son was born. The strength of her breathwork, which had been sharpened over a decade of disciplined practice, steadied her childbirth, kept her focused, and made her the talk of the labor and delivery department. In addition to increasing her mindfulness, Victoria’s yoga practice has also made her the most flexible and balanced she has ever been. Her classes follow Ashtanga style yoga, connecting breath work with the flow of the poses, but she has also taught hot, power and restorative yoga. Her aim is to have yogis leaving class feeling inspired, energized, and at ease in their minds and in their bodies.


Krista Gordon

Earth & Aerial Yoga Kids; UPCOMING EVENTS: Creative Arts & Movement Mini Summer Camp for Kids (ages 6-10)

After over 20 years of teaching dance in and around Massachusetts, and having two children of her own, Krista found a new passion for teaching yoga and using other holistic health approaches with children. She became a certified kids yoga instructor through ChildLight Yoga, a Usui Reiki Practitioner, and a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. Having two children with anxiety and sensory regulation issues and using these practices at home, brought Krista the idea for her business, Tranquil Little One, which was founded in March 2019. Through a mix of interactive yoga poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques, Krista teaches children simple coping strategies that leave them feeling empowered and in control. Children can use these strategies to curb anxiety, ground down, find stillness and quieten the mind at any time—before a test, stepping on stage, going to bed or studying—by tapping into their senses, using visualizations and employing other effective methods. Krista is excited to bring her area of expertise to Earth & Aerial Yoga and looks forward to working on the mat with your children!


Susie Pallis

Earth & Aerial Yoga Kids, Tween & Teen Aerial Yoga; UPCOMING EVENTS: Creative Arts & Movement Mini Summer Camp for Kids (ages 6-10)

Susie found yoga in 2012, and it changed her. The practice became a way to manage her stress, sharpen her focus and challenge her body, all while maintaining a sense of play. So, when she discovered Earth & Aerial Yoga in 2019, she was hooked. Aerial yoga gave her a fresh and fun way to build both inner and outer strength, and it ultimately inspired her to embark on a challenging new path in 2020. After spending the past 26 years teaching acting to children and the last decade as the Director of Drama Kids of Metro West, Susie decided to explore teaching aerial yoga. She recently completed her aerial yoga teacher training, which rounds out her Breathe for Change Mind-Body Wellness education certification and her upcoming 200-hour yoga teacher training. Susie brings a wealth of experience working with kids of all ages, which makes her classes authentic and playful. She looks forward to seeing your child in one of them soon.


Lindsey Daniels

Lyra Deconstructed, Low Lyra All Levels

A digital art director by day, Lindsey has been moonlighting as a Lyra instructor across Massachusetts for the past 5 years. She started her aerial journey in 2014 off of a Groupon and a goal to be healthier for life. After her first class, she was hooked. Ten months later, she had dropped 90lbs and acquired a gold medal at a Lyra contest, along with a new lease on life. She has since taken part in multiple pole and Lyra competitions and engaged in continued education around technique philosophies. Aerial fitness became a way for her to express herself and eventually taught her how to connect with fellow students — who would one day be HER students — about health and wellbeing and finding self-confidence through art. Her instructor philosophy is one of patience and perseverance. She loves to encourage her students to keep moving and stay positive. Teaching allows her to share her passion and enable others to persevere through the seemingly impossible, because she knows that, with a little effort and determination, everyone is capable of something they didn’t think they could do.


Lina Puma

Aerial Yoga Dance

Having been a dancer most of her life, Lina naturally fell in love with aerial yoga at her first class in 2018. In 2020, she took the Earth & Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, so she could begin to share her passion for the practice with others. Lina is also a certified Barre and dance teacher and hopes to find ways to combine these skills with her aerial yoga practice. Lina’s teaching focuses on encouraging both physical and mental strength, as well as increasing flexibility and confidence. She hopes that her students leave her classes feeling empowered, healthy and, most importantly, smiling. When she is not in the studio, Lina can be found working as a pediatric nurse or hanging out with animals. She is thrilled to be joining the EAY team and can’t wait to connect and fly with you soon!

earth-and-aerial-yoga-teacher-hudson-ma-aya-lanzoni copy

Aya Lanzoni

Aerial Yoga Essentials, Aerial Yoga Essentials Happy Hour

After practicing various forms of dance for 15 years, Aya discovered aerial yoga in 2015. She was immediately drawn to this fun and unique form of exercise that also offers relief from back/knee pain, anxiety and stress. Aya found Earth & Aerial Yoga right after it opened in 2019, and immediately had an aerial yoga studio to finally call “home.” In 2020, Aya took her personal practice to the next level, when she completed Module 1 & 2 of the EAY Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. She enjoys sharing her love for aerial yoga, while providing a sense of adventure and playfulness to her students. When she isn’t at the studio doing flips and tricks, Aya spends her time on her business, Tinydragon Bytes, offering content strategy, copywriting, and web design to small businesses. She is also an executive board member of the MetroWest Women’s Network.


Jessica Shaughnessy

Jessica found yoga in 2017, while earning her interior architecture and design degree. While working on a project to design a space that would help heal both mind and body, she began studying the physical and mental health benefits of yoga and meditation. As soon as she tried some classes herself, the project became a passion. When she found aerial yoga a few years later, Jessica was hooked to the playfulness aerial yoga incorporated into the healing practice of yoga. She is a recent graduate of the Earth & Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program and eager to share all she has learned! Join Jessica for a playful, yet healing, community class on Sunday mornings.