Lyra Classes

Lyra Intro Offer

New to our studio? The best place to start is to purchase our Lyra Intro Offer, which allows you to take 3 Lyra classes at $20/class over a 5-week period, so you can get to know our studio, classes and teachers.


Lyra Essentials – Beginner (Required)

This class will introduce you to the Lyra, also known as Aerial Hoop. You will learn the fundamentals of how to safely invert to get on and off the hoop and will explore a variety of basic poses. Each class will work on building strength, flexibility, and developing a stronger body awareness. No prior aerial experience needed, and all levels are welcome! Lyra Essentials is a prerequisite for attending any Lyra classes, unless prior approval by instructor.

Low Lyra All Levels – Beginner-Friendly

Whether you are fresh and new to aerial hoop, a returning novice looking to re-familiarize yourself with the apparatus, or even a Lyra regular just looking for a space to reinforce the fundamentals, this class is for you. It is designed to provide the brand new aerialist with a solid foundation of confidence and technique, while offering more experienced students the opportunity to focus on expanding their knowledge and skill set. Lindsey takes students in and above the hoop with extended span sets, resulting in a Lyra that is low enough to the ground to enter in a seated position, with feet touching the ground. This allows the student to focus on mastering fundamental grip and movement concepts, while improving confidence through increased strength and mobility. Learn how to rely on your body’s dynamics and build trust in your capabilities, while being closer to the ground than in traditional Lyra classes. Everything you learn can be translated to routines and exercises higher up in the air. This beginner-friendly class is appropriate for anyone interested in Lyra and individualized attention to achieve a gradual increase in strength, flexibility and body awareness. No previous experience is required, and all levels are welcome!

Lyra All Levels

This class will work on building strength and flexibility, and developing a stronger body awareness through a series of Lyra poses that are tailored to meet you at your level. As you move through the class, your instructor will offer both modifications and advancements, so you may honor your body and challenge yourself, as needed. This class is open to Lyra practitioners of all levels, so long as they have taken at least one Lyra Essentials class and are able to safely and independently invert and dismount the hoop.


Once you have become comfortable with mounting and familiarize yourself with being on the hoop, we will start exploring more advanced poses. In this intermediate class we will learn a broad variety of different moves, transitions, and combinations. Please note that you must be able to safely and independently invert and dismount to take this class.


In this class, we will take moves that you are already familiar with and combine them into a routine. We will learn how to weave, twist, and turn ourselves seemingly effortlessly with the hoop. We will explore different ways to play with expression and musicality, while challenging ourselves by moving in new ways on the hoop. A minimum of 4 Lyra Deconstructed classes are recommended prior to attending this class.


Private Lyra 1:1 Intro

For a beginner brand new to Lyra. Trying Lyra for the first time in a group class can be intimidating, and some students may benefit from individual instruction. Private sessions are for those who would prefer to begin their practice in a one-on-one setting. Your instructor will guide you through the fundamental skills required to establish a safe and balanced Lyra practice at your own pace. Cost: $75 for 45-60 minutes.


For Lyra students who have already had an intro session or taken Lyra Essentials. Enjoy a full hour of private Lyra instruction. Book a private session if you prefer to practice in a one-on-one setting, or if you would like to work on developing or advancing specific aspects of your Lyra skills. Cost: $100/hour or $450/5 pack.